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This Week In Veloren 12

This week, there was a ton of progress on the engine. In this blog, we take a look at how 0.2 is coming, as well as what certain programmers have worked on. We have a large section about networking written by @Zesterer, and a new coding challenge! This week's blog was edited by @AngelOnFira, with the art content by @Pfauenauge!

Thank you to this week's programming contributors, @Slipped, @imbris, @pfauenauge, @timo, @zesterer, @Algorhythm, @desttinghim, @Qutrin, @Mckol, and @YuriMomo!


Progress on 0.2

This week, we set the (tentative) deadline for 0.2 to be May 28th. This is the anniversary of the Veloren repo being created, so we want to try and get something in working condition to celebrate!

Since we have a due date on 0.2, we now have a burndown chart! This allows us to see how many issues are still left vs how much time is left. You are able to see what the velocity of work being done is, and therefore predict if you are going to hit the deadline. As of right now, we don't have enough Merge Requests completed to see this. But, as w... show more


What's next for Tales of Maj'Eyal! A lot, and then some!

Hello my minions!

Recently I was surprised to find some people wondering if Tales of Maj'Eyal was dead (as in not developed anymore). I was like "WTF??" because I knew it was not, quite the opposite in fact, but then I pondered some more and realized that I'm utterly bad at regularly communicating that fact! So let's try to improve on that with a Grand List Of What Is To Come (Possibly).

As usual I never give dates unless I'm sure. So always take this kind of things with a grain of salt, they may come in two days or two years 😀

Release of patch 1.6 with huge changes

1.6 is the next free big (huge) patch for Tales of Maj'Eyal. I have already delayed it far too much as such it has grown into such a monster patch that I likely won't be able to list everything going in without forgetting many others. Still, here are a few of them:
  • Deep rework of early game balance, main goal being to reduce startup tediousness. This includes changes to difficulty, scaling, shops, drowning, items, ...
  • A
... show more


SuperTuxKart 1.0 release

Yes, if you have followed our development a bit, that might be a bit of a surprise. But we have been asked why we don't call this release 1.0, and the majority of us developers discussed this and decided that indeed this release is a major milestone that deserves the big 1.0 number.
quoted from the 1.0 release blog post.

Indeed a nice surprise and definitely a big step forward with the inclusion of online multiplayer!

See more new features in the official release video:

As usual you can download the game here. Also don't forget to head over to our forums to provide some feedback to the developers.

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SuperTuxKart 1.0 Release

Yes, if you have followed our development a bit, that might be a bit of a surprise. But we have been asked why we don't call this release 1.0, and the majority of us developers discussed this and decided that indeed this release is a major milestone that deserves the big 1.0 number.

SuperTuxKart 1.0 official trailer

Should you not have followed our development: this 1.0 release adds support for networking races to SuperTuxKart. You can play with your friends online, and it doesn't have to be split screen anymore - your gaming partners can be in a different city, country, or even continent - you can still meet for a race or two. Cross-continent may not work the best; you should try to have a reasonable ping - 100ms works fine, and we had some races with 300ms ping, though unavoidable sudden stuttering and karts jump... show more


The Pikataclysm is upon us! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!


What could be terrifying about little cute bunnies and eggs?
Nothing you say? Well, think again for the Pikataclysm has arrived to Eyal and will stay active until May 1st!
Beware of what lurks in this strange place, for sometimes, bunnies have big teeth.


The Pikataclysm is a yearly special server event, triggered every 10 minutes by the server to all players currently logged in. There are others such events, come find them all during the year!


New ride / Netradiant for Linux

We have a new ride. Xealot and A-Speedcuber worked together and released a real nice model of the Lotus Elise. Go to the Download Page an grab it for a ride.
For the mappers, Tomos compiled a linux version of the Netradiant Map Editor. Together with the Q3Rally Game Pack you are ready to map for Q3Rally. You will get the Editor in the Downloads Area and the Game Pack in the svn.


News • Wesnoth 1.14.7: Maintenance Release

Wesnoth 1.14.7 is now available. This is a maintenance release for the stable 1.14.x series and, as such, it delivers an assortment of bug fixes and other improvements over previous releases in this series. Check the forum thread for a list of the most notable fixes and changes in this version.

The source code and Windows and macOS packages are already available on the downloads page. You may also find packages for other platforms there as they become available.

You may comment on this release in the forums.
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This Week In Veloren 11

We saw a large influx of users on the Veloren Discord this week! We also take a look at the current 0.2 milestone, and what's required to reach it. We also introduce the Veloren Coding Challenge and take a look at the newly found networking issues. This week's blog was edited by @AngelOnFira, with the art section curated by @Pfauenauge!

Veloren from above


Newcomers 😀

This week, we're seeing lots of new potential contributors joining the Discord. This was from a post on /r/rust that can be seen here. It's always great to see new contributors, and they motivate the whole team to push further.

Weekly code challenge

Often in the Discord, there are many people who want to get involved with Veloren b... show more



[dev notice] Doc Screenshots of the Details of Design of One Effect

I nearly finished the design of Heat Wave, I just have to complete the scope, ie how it affect the targeted region and if it can spread.

So I decided to post the screenshot of a good part of the design of it, just to show you something.

Please bear in mind that it is something abstracted and not perfect, but I think sufficient for the purpose of this game.

(you can click on it and zoom for the full scale of the pciture)

Here’s one of its simulation on a spreadsheet:

Once the scope done, I will use the design of this effect, as a framework, to complete the design of Cold Wave, which is already in the process to be done too.

After that I will complete the design of the 3 geophysical effects (Earthquake, Volcanic Activity, and Volcanic Eruption) and their implementation will be fully done.

In parallel, I’m also in the work of implementing the process of these effects. It isn’t complete yet, but part of it is in the game.

Tomorrow, another full time design/dev day!


OpenTTD 1.9.1 is now published.

A few little gremlins crept into 1.9.0, so we thought we’d put the build farm to use while it still had some (undefined string) and release 1.9.1. There are no bugs left, which is just as well as we don’t want to run out of version numbers.


[dev notice] Full Time Development Week (April 08-11, 12 is Part-Time)

Sorry for the lack of post, but until the five effects of the Weather & Geophysics System, and their susbsystem, aren’t fully implemented I have not much to say.

I also haven’t developped much these days (at least until April 2) because I had a good satck of work (from my day job) to finish…

But anyway I’m in holydays for the upcoming week, so I will work at least 7/8 hours a day on FARC to finally complete what I have to do with the WEAGES and starting afterward to add a few 2D assets, and additional infrastructures.

Regardless, this current version will be released before the end of April.

Thanks for your interest, and please enjoy the Spring!


SuperTuxKart 0.10 Release Candidate 1 released

The next release of SuperTuxKart is almost ready! The first release candidate is now available for testing. Now is the time to help us test the game to find any last-minutes bugs to fix.

Since the beta-1 release, numerous bugs have been fixed. Obviously, as previously, the biggest feature is that networked multiplayer is now ready for general use, so enjoy multiplayer games over LAN or over the net!

A few tracks have also been added or upgraded. The old mansion track has been replaced with the new upgraded Ravenbridge Mansion track.

The Black forest add-on is now also part of the official STK track set! Thanks to Sven Andreas Belting for this great addition.

Download the game here :


v4 Build 71 - Beta - Hotfix

  • Fixed many various crashes
  • Fixed some balancing errors (incompatible with build 70)
  • Added updated translation bundles


v4 Build 70 - Beta

  • Fixed drills not prioritizing correct items
  • Fixed Impact Reactor displaying fluctuating and incorrect power values
  • Fixed unplaceable blocks showing up as unbreakable schematics on servers
  • Fixed kick messages and map author messages displaying as a garbled mess [Server]
  • Fixed player teams being reset to blue after map reset in PvP
  • ""Fixed"" ground units spinning around
  • """Fixed""" a """"""bug""""" where the entire game would do very specific things and flash very specific colors when you opened a very specific menu under very specific conditions that were introduced on a very specific day
  • Absolutely did not fix the flipped wave button bug
  • Optimized all crafter block item and liquid processing
  • Optimized unit collisions
  • Implemented proper damage propagation - walls now contain explosions
  • Buffed Differential Generator, Impact Reactor, Batteries, Mender
  • PvP balancing: cheaper and more powerful units, weaker players, higher spawn cap
... show more

April 2019 update


OpenTTD 1.9.0 is now published.

After extensive testing and much feedback on the new feature for 16 cargos in and out of industries, we reached the conclusion that the economy is simply too complex. For this reason, all cargo types have been removed from the game, and been replaced with a single ‘Stuff’. The new freedom offered by this will for the first time in history let you genuinely build the transportation empire of your dreams.


Monthly Dev Post of April 2019

Welcome to our Monthly Dev Post of April 2019. Every month one of these post will be created, to tell you about the latest developments in the world of OpenTTD.



The 1.9 release branch had barely been made, before a ton of pending pull requests were merged. Several changes in queue were pretty much waiting on 1.9 being branched off from master, since they were rather high-risk, and merging them in to 1.9 could have introduced new bugs with too little time to discover and fix them. Several of these are talked about at length below, but here are some short ones.

  • Many performance improvements have been made, through the use of smarter algorithms and data structures. dP from the CityMania community provided a savegame with slightly over 50,000 stations, which really brought the game to its knees, both loading and simulating it. The
... show more

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