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Free/open source software for creating and/or editing two-dimensional images.

2D image editing programs and tools

Bitmap image editing software
Application name/link Specialization/details License
GIMP Photo manipulation GPL
JDraw Pixel art GPL
Krita Part of KOffice GPL
mtPaint Pixel art GPL
GrafX2 Pixel art GPL
Tile Studio Tile-based pixel art MPL
Alchemy Specialized program for alternative drawing methods GPL
MyPaint Program specialized for drawing/painting GPL/LGPL
ASE (Allegro Sprite Editor) Program to create animated sprites GPL
Vector image editing software
Application name/link Specialization/details License
Draw Part of OpenOffice.org LGPL
Inkscape Vector drawing application GPL
Karbon14 Part of KOffice LGPL
Skencil GPL
Synfig Vector based animation GPL
XaraXtreme Linux vector drawing application GPL
Pencil Program specialized for bitmap and vector animation/drawing GPL
Tools and the like
Application name/link Specialization/details License
FxGen Texture and effects generation, vector export GPL/LGPL
Phatch Photo batch processor and EXIF renamer GPL

Bitmap to vector image tracers

Aimed at being similar to CorelTrace or Adobe Streamline, GPL
For sketches and line art, with GUI, win-only, MPL 1.1.
General tracing app, integrated in Inkscape, GPLv2+.

Plug-ins and scripts


Liquid Rescale
Content-aware (liquid) rescaling
Make Seamless Texture and Synthesize Texture
Improved "make seamless" functionality
Converts images into RGB normal maps.
Creates more of a texture
Texture generation from small sample images, texture tiling