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Free/open source software for creating and/or editing three-dimensional models and such.

General purpose applications

3D modelling applications
Application name/link Active Stable Details License
Art of Illusion Yes Yes Java based application GPL
Ayam Yes Yes In C, TCL/TK Scripting BSD
Blender Yes Yes Fully featured 3D art suit GPL
Freyja3D No No Game content modeler GPL[1]
gSculpt No No Procedural subdivision modeller GPL[2]
K-3D No No Procedural modeling suit GPL
Misfit Model 3D No Yes Triangles-based GPL
Wings3D Yes Yes Easy, yet very powerful modeler BSD

Special purpose 3d applications

Special purpose applications
Application name/link Details License
Ivy Generator Ivy generator GPL
ngPlant Plant generator GPL/BSD
Makehuman Procedural human model generator GPL
MeshLab Triangular mesh model cleaner GPL
Normal/Displacement Map Generator Normal map generator GPL

Ray tracing programs and tools

Special purpose applications
Application name/link Active Stable Details License
Arbaro Tree generation for PovRay
K-3D 3D modeling, animation and rendering system
PovRay Code-controlled renderer, good for making skyboxes, explosions & other plasma effects (examples)
PovBake Planning-state Povray objects-to-meshes converter
Yafray Ray tracer

Plugins, extensions and scripts


Walking animation script

External links

3D software lists

  • Freyja3D license file
  • gSculpt license documentation