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As most communities we want communication to be pleasant and fun. Here are some quick guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • Please avoid rudeness to other users, personal attacks, etc.
    • Don't attack attackers. Report them.
  • Write readable and understandable, no allcaps, use punctuation, paragraphs etc.


  • Search first
  • Write an informative subject
    • "Game crashes in OS X when I jump using usb gamepad" instead of "I have a Problem!"
    • "Idea: ponies and mountain bikes" instead of "My ideas for the game"


It is the nature of IRC that people might not react instantly. Be prepared to stay in #freegamer for a while or explain your problem in all detail and give a way of contacting you (email for example).

Art contributions

When submitting art, make sure to include author/credits and licensing information and make sure to include info about 3rd party material (e.g. texture/sfx websites)

In case of OpenGameArt, write some tags that will make it easy to game developers to find your asset by using general search terms.


Don't copy content from websites unless you have permission to release under our wiki license.


These guidelines are available in the following languages: