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This is a list of actively developed games projects directly related to open source game dev.

They exclusively use free, open source licenses for code and assets and do not depend on non-free software like Flash.

Projects need to run natively on at least one open platform.

Engines need to be proven to contain only freely licensed assets.

Project Description Bitcoin Flattr Other Transparent
0 A.D. Historical 3d real-time strategy No No Pledgie Yes
Ancient Beast Fantasy turn-based strategy Yes Yes PayPal Yes
Battle for Wesnoth Fantasy turn-based strategy No Yes No
Flare Action role-playing engine and game No Yes PayPal Yes
MegaGlest Fantasy 3d real-time strategy Yes Yes PayPal, Skril No
Nikki and the Robots Cute jump and run platformer with level editor Yes Yes Merchandise, PayPal No
OpenGameArt Portal for visual art and audio for free, open source games Yes Yes PayPal No
OpenTTD Real-time economy simulation No No PayPal, Bank No
Red Eclipse Sci-Fi FPS with in-game map editor No No PayPal No
SuperTuxKart 3d racing game No No PayPal No
Unknown Horizons 2d real-time strategy and building No No PayPal No
Valyria Tear 2d J-RPG game No No PayPal No

"Project" entry has to link to donation info.

Do not put direct donation links or bitcoin addresses on this page to prevent abuse.

Transparent means that donation statistics (money over time) are being revealed.