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Game development web page link collections

Amit’s Game Programming Information
Game Programming link collection.
Ghoulsblade's Links
Lots of links, mostly about free licenses and freely licensed content and code.

Game development blogs

Games and Men
Game design analysis
Notes on Game Dev
A project

Game development wikis

Game development wikis
Wiki name/link Size1 Language Specialization Free content license
FreeGameDevWiki[1] 57 en Open source game development FreeBSD Documentation License[2]
Game Design Wiki[3] 350 en (Not necessarily video) game design
Game Development Wiki[4] 10 en GFDL 1.2[5]
Game Programming Wiki[6] 880 en Game programming GFDL 1.2[7] wiki[8] 110 en's video game development articles
The Ubuntu Games Developer Resource Wiki[9] 25 en Ubuntu game programming GFDL[10]

1Approximate number of articles

WikiMedia Foundation's pages on game development

English-language pages on the topic of game development on any of the WikiMedia Foundation's pages.


:Category:Game design
Game Design and Programming
Game Development
General game development
Video Game Design


:Category:Video game development
Game design
General game design
Game development


:Category:Video game developers


:Category:Game Design
A Hands-On Introduction to Game Design and Production Processes
Game Creation Guidelines
General game design


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