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Some degree of infrastructure is needed to collaborate, communicate and distribute online for open source game projects.

Hosting facilities

There are many free software project hosting facilities that provide services useful to open source game project.

We can recommend SourceForge for its feature-richness. We can recommend GitHub or Bitbucket for its ease of use.

There is also always the option to set up your own server. Freely licensed projects can apply for hosting on or Tuxfamily.

Version control

Use Git or Mercurial. Do not use CVS or Subversion.[1]


Communication between the game creation team, contributors and players can happen on many different channels.


An online website for project news allows to keep readers, reporters and contributors up-to-date about releases and development. Use it as a PR platform.


Atom/RSS newsfeeds allow users of feed readers to efficiently follow your blog and make it possible for you to easily pipe news into social networks.

Message board

Forums are centralized and accessible but are popular targets for spam. By using the forum hosting service of Reddit or SourceForge, you can reduce moderation effort.

When there is no demand for a forum yet, it is recommended to start a thread on a related feedback forum like for example on the FreeGameDev Projects subforum.

Mailing list

Mailing lists can be efficient for development discussion but are not as accessible as web forums.


Chat can be useful for meetings. The Freenode network is being used by most open source projects (for example by us).

As IRC has a relatively steep learning curve for new users, it is recommended to provide a simple web-client link

and it is possible to embed the chat as well:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="400"></iframe>
If there is no need for an own channel, you can still talk about your project on related channels, like #freegamer or the channel of an engine that you use.
  1. Open Source Tools for Game Development: Git and Mercurial