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Levels are meant to be challenging and entertaining. A level designer needs to be able to conform with architecture and natural elements and to wrap them into a level.

Designing levels

Level design is the art of using concept art and art assets to create levels

Art assets can be environmental sounds, models, textures, etc. In professional game development, assets are produced by environment artists. Level designers can recycle existing free assets or mix them with their own art.

Level design tools

Level design applications
Application name/link Native format1 Imports2 Exports3 Coop4 Details License
GTKRadiant .map .obj (broken?) No Standard Quake/Q2/Q3 and Co. BSP level editor GPL
NetRadiant .map .obj (broken?) No Community fork of GTKRadiant 1.5 and q3map2 GPL
Quark .map No BSP level editor for several (older) games GPL
Sauerbraten .ogz .cgz .obj Yes Game engine and editor zLib

1Native file format, if any 2Importable file formats 3Exportable file formats 4Allows cooperative map editing

Video tutorials

Sauerbraten editing video tutorials