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Effect produced when a high-resolution image is put onto a display of lower resolution. Aliasing for example happens on computer displays when drawing non-horizontal or non-vertical lines, as these cannot be displayed without information loss on a pixel grid. Anti-aliasing is a method used for smooth scaling.
Technique of minimizing distortion artifacts known as aliasing, when representing a high-resolution objet on the pixel grid of a display.
Plug-in (plugin, add-on, addin, add-in, addon, add-on, extension)
Extends a program, without manipulating its source code.
Plug-in architecture
Describes the ability of a program to be extended with plug-ins, without having to change the source code of the programm.
Particle effect
Often used for displaying particles (liquid drops, snow flakes) gases or energy (explosions, fire and electrical discharges).
Particle system
Program, that controls the drawing of particle effects.
Save/load system
Allows the end user to save an application's state by automatically freezing running scripts, objects and variables and writing them to a file. This file can later be loaded to restore the saved state.